Mark Attendance for Anyone, Anytime

Research states that around 15 million people leave their cup of tea to go cold every day, whereas a similar amount of people forget their house/car keys when they leave their house in the morning.  Furthermore, 12 million people leaving the house with the intention to shop, completely forget what they went to get.

We can all relate! Can’t we? How many times do we forget to take our things with us? Maybe it is because we are busy or occupied or simply because we cannot find it at the last minute!!

We at CODE Informatics analyze the general behavior patterns of our audience. We are continuously working to identify potential problems that our customers might face, think of creative solutions for these issues and resolve them before our clients even face these problems.


Scarta Attendance Management solution is a smart attendance marking system that mobilizes your attendance marking system and enables you to mark your presence with just the swipe of one card. Each employee/student of your institute gets their personalized smart card which can then be used to mark attendance by each candidate. However, as research states, we can all forget our cards at home or simply lose them.

What now?
No Worries!!

Introducing Scarta Universal Card!


Scarta has now launched our new feature, Scarta Universal Card. This card allows the user with admin rights to mark attendance for anyone at any time in case they have forgotten their cards at home or lost them. The user can see information for each employee on the mobile screen, once they tap the Scarta Universal Card, with an option to manually select candidates and mark attendance on their behalf. Furthermore, to avoid misuse of the Universal Card Feature, the reports generated indicate which attendance has been marked with the Universal Card to ensure the correct use of the card.

In a nutshell, like all other features of Scarta Attendance Marking solution, Scarta Universal Card is carefully designed to provide ease of use and understanding to our clients.

Marking Attendance has never been easier!

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