New World, New Challenges

The new world is dominated by technological advancements and digitalization which have many advantages for the new generation. Several changes dominate modern world practices for instance automation has replaced manual paper work and monitoring of activity in almost all spheres of life and business. However for the new generation the changes have raised several question of safety and challenges. One such challenge has been to secure and monitor school going children and their movement to and from schools. The schools and parents are equally affected by such challenges and require modern solution to keep up with the fast paced life and new encounters. We have compiled a list of issues and some of the solutions of the modern world.

The school going child is often the center point of concern for parents with several responsibilities and busy schedules. A parent worries about the child’s safety, secure travelling, validation and the school system for ensuring that the premises is secured from external interference. Such issues require solutions like Scarta that provide features like Driver Authentication, Instant Notifications and Online Reporting. Parents of the child marking attendance with a smart card solution get instant Email Notifications as soon as the child has entered the school.

Schools are no exception to adopting new world technologies and embracing the accompanying challenges. The major challenge for schools is to save time of manual attendance and develop a mechanism to share the attendance of students between multiple campuses. A good monitoring system of a school should enable automation and real time monitoring of attendance. With solutions like Scarta, such challenges can be avoided as Scarta provides real time monitoring and online updates in form of reports. Schools also experience the challenge of reporting and calculation of leaves. With and RFID attendance monitoring system that generates online customized reports, these challenges can be effectively minimized.

In a nut shell, the modern world challenges require modern technologies and parents and schools can equally benefit from smart attendance solutions to regain their peace of mind and establish smart reporting systems.

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