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Have a Pain Killer – Scarta!

Remember how painful it is to mark and record manual attendance, it is no less than falling into a category of “Time Theft”. Besides this, you never know when and how a villain attacks your manual attendance register and all your data is lost in an instant. The villain could be in the form of tea fallen on the attendance register, or a page is torn off accidentally or any other similar thing.

To avoid this situation, Painkiller “Scarta” is here!!!
It marks the attendance with a single tap of the card which prevents time theft. Moreover, Online Reporting feature allows you to save the attendance record on the cloud without any fear of data loss.

Think about your busy schedules and several responsibilities which you are over-burdened with. These busy schedules become even more painful when you are unable to get notified about your school going child’s status, isn’t it? You are always worried about your child’s security and want the school system to ensure the safety of the premises from external interference.

To rescue you from this painful situation, “Scarta” is here again!!!
Its Instant Notification feature notifies you about your School going child’s status. It also offers a Proxy Avoidance feature to protect your child’s school premises from external interference. To ensure the enhanced security of your child, you can also authorize a person to pick your child from the school.

Imagine how painful it would be if you forgot your smart card (Scarta) at home! You reached the office and realized that you don’t have your smart card with you. Now what?? You will have to rush back to your home for collecting your smart card other-wise your attendance won’t be marked.

Scarta Universal card has been introduced to protect you from this kind of situation!
This card allows the user with admin rights to mark attendance for anyone at any time in case they have forgotten their cards at home or simply lost them.

Feeling relieved?? Want to have a pain free life??? Then the best option for you is to get Scarta implemented at your workplaces, immediately.

ScartaA permanent Pain Killer for you!

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