Digital Attendance, Digital Reporting



Due to the advent of technology in the past decade, a lot of changes have been witnessed. This rapid development in technology has changed the way of living for the entire world.

Companies are continuously monitoring their business strategies to keep up with the pace of technological changes.

These advancements demand automation of manual systems in all the organizations including the Health Sector, Education Sector and so on. One of the major challenges for the organizations is to shift their Manual Attendance System to a Digital one for keeping a real-time tracking of employee attendance.

Managers have to jump through multiple challenges due to manual attendance. These issues are comprised of missing IN and OUT times, loss of Attendance Record Data and delays in approvals. Same is the situation in Education Sector especially, in schools.

Have you ever imagined that how much time is wasted while marking attendance manually in the classroom?? How hectic it is, to calculate the number of leaves of a student at the end of each term?? All the more what if the Attendance Register is lost?? All the attendance record is gone into the trash within a second. You won’t be having any attendance record to show it to the respective student’s parents as well. (more…)

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scarta painkiller

Have a Pain Killer – Scarta!

Remember how painful it is to mark and record manual attendance, it is no less than falling into a category of “Time Theft”. Besides this, you never know when and how a villain attacks your manual attendance register and all your data is lost in an instant. The villain could be in the form of tea fallen on the attendance register, or a page is torn off accidentally or any other similar thing.

To avoid this situation, Painkiller “Scarta” is here!!!
It marks the attendance with a single tap of the card which prevents time theft. Moreover, Online Reporting feature allows you to save the attendance record on the cloud without any fear of data loss.

Think about your busy schedules and several responsibilities which you are over-burdened with. These busy schedules become even more painful when you are unable to get notified about your school going child’s status, isn’t it? You are always worried about your child’s security and want the school system to ensure the safety of the premises from external interference.


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Mark Attendance for Anyone, Anytime

Research states that around 15 million people leave their cup of tea to go cold every day, whereas a similar amount of people forget their house/car keys when they leave their house in the morning.  Furthermore, 12 million people leaving the house with the intention to shop, completely forget what they went to get.

We can all relate! Can’t we? How many times do we forget to take our things with us? Maybe it is because we are busy or occupied or simply because we cannot find it at the last minute!!


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5 Topmost Advantages of Using Smart Cards over Other Technologies

Smarts card solutions are gaining a reputation as a superior technology over other similar solutions like magnetic cards and stripe cards. Contactless cards are much better for the convenience, speed, security, prevention from fraud and reliability that is associated with such systems. Here is an evaluation of why these solutions are considered superior. (more…)

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